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Purchase advice for Defender 110 TD5 XS 2006

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Hey there

Looking for advice on a Defender 110 Im interested in. It is from 2006 and has 160k miles. I wonder if the rust on the chassis, crossmember is OK or too bad. What do you think? Thanks







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On 5/7/2020 at 5:40 AM, oneandtwo said:

That rear is worse than you think. The reinforcing web has rotted away on one side and there is a welded patch on the underside in the first place they rot out.

Thanks, I passed on that offer as the chassis state explained the low asking price.

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Looks okay, but they rust from the inside out so you need to have a good poke around and tap it with a screwdriver to find the rust.

On a 2005 I’d be budgeting to change the chassis in around 5-10 years but that would be in the U.K. and it depends how much road salt and wet mud it will see. In a dry climate or very well looked after it would last much longer.

I bought my 90 in 2008 and it had a reasonably good chassis, the outriggers had been patched and the rear crossmember replaced but the main rails were okay. By the time I changed the chassis ten years later it was rotten right through in several places, and that was with lots of welding in its later years.

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Built January 1992

Bear in mind the thickness and quality of steel used in chassis varied over the years along with the paint, with a general trend towards thinner lower quality steel and poorer paint as time went on. Offset by age of course, but later chassis certainly seem to suffer from rust at an earlier age than older vehicles did. Could also be related to increased road salt usage in the last decade or so.

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