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ANR1534 Rapier or Snatch Wheels ?


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Hi , I’ve got a set of 5 ANR1534 rims with road tyres that I was told came from a rapier but I’m sure I read that Vass had loads of sets and sold them as snatch “ wheels from Northern Ireland vehicles ? Anyone know which they fitted or if they could be from either vehicle? Angus 

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They were factory fitted to all HD / 130s before the Wolf wheel came out which replaced it.  My old 110 V8 HD Hicap had them, I replaced them with wolfs and stuck them on an old series 2a.

Vass used to sell them off at £20 a rim or £40 with the old 12ply 7,50 Michelin road tyre, these were all off snatches which had been re-equipped for Iraq. Those old 12 ply Michelin’s were a nightmare to remove, sidewalls were about an inch thick, my tyre machine wouldn’t touch them, it would just jam up so I had to bar them off manually.

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Aren't they the wheels which one of the South African companies are remaking? I seem to remember MUD stuff selling them recently but I can't see them on their site at the moment. They were pretty expensive though.


EDIT: This is who makes them: https://www.nakatanenga.de/en/vehicle-equipment/tyres-rims-wheels/rims/5492/nakatanenga-anr-classic-steel-rim-8x16


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