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90 Rear Drum Brakes

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Morning All

First post so hello all and thanks for letting me join.

I'm sure there has been loads of defender rear drum brake questions, but this is a weird one

All new parts fitted to rear brakes as old ones shot. Everything seems to be fitted ok and adjusted correctly, but on a road test the rear shoes are locking on completly and don't seem to be pulling back????

A new master cylinder and servo has also been fitted, could this be causing the problem?

Has anyone experienced this or throw any light in things?



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Hi All

Checked everything out today and springs and shoes are as per the attached photo, which as far as I know is correct?

Did a check with the drum off and the piston is staying pressurised after the brake pedal is released, could a faulty g valve be causing this? 





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I switched to a Salisbury with disk brakes. Does not brake harder, but is a lot easier to maintain. No adjusting by hand each half year.

I have a '83 Oneten and my setup was identical to the pic in the link.


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Hi Matt,

Quality Slave cylinders are no longer available through the normal stockists, I can only assume that you have chinese or Italian copies of girling cylinders. If so then it's very likely that the spring inside the cylinder is FAR FAR too strong, this stops the pistons retracting properly. 

Put the original springs in the new cylinders, if you still have them. Keep EVERYTHING that says girling, you can have it rebuilt by Contract Auto Engineering in stourport.

Also check that the trailing shoe has the retainer bolted to it correctly, the two retaining screws should be on the Rear shoe. 




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