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Front Seats - not straight

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some time ago we recovered the front seats in out 1989 110. At some point during that process the seat base got out of true. The side with the reclining handle on 'slipped'. This means that when the seat is bolted to the seat base in the car the back is twisted; the left-hand side of the back is pulled forward.

If I take the seat out of the car and place it on a flat surface the left-hand seat rail is raised at the front if the right hand rail is bolted flat.

(Once my phone has some charge, I can take a photo and show you.)

Now I have some spare time on my hands I am trying to get the seat back into alignment and failing. Basically, I need to get the reclining teeth to engage at a different point (I think) but cannot for the life of me work out how. Any help, as always, gratefully received.

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Do you mean you bent something, or just that one of the sliding rails moved so they’re not even?  If the latter, then just bolt the front ends of the rails to the body, slightly loose, and leave the back free, so that you have something to pull against.  Then you can just lif the handle and skew the seat tracks back to square and even.

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604155137_defseatrails.jpg.68608c2f121ef4b01ef2594b2f483a9c.jpgThese are NOT evenly protruding and will likely be the cause???...…….Lift the slide bar and push or pull  one of the rails, I would guess x1 notch/click until they are the same length of protrusion.

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Thanks for pointing out the seat rails are not the same length.

That is not the cause. They became mismatched while trying to resolve the issue.

As can be seen in the photo Mutley has ringed the inner front corner is higher than the outer front corner - that is the issue I'm trying to fix. It's very frustrating.

If I fold the seats flat forward the rails sit flat and square.

Once I put the seat into the upright position they do not - so something to do with the ratchet mechanism. Which seemed to 'slip' when I was recovering the seats.

I've checked as best I can, using set squares / flat bar, and nothing appears to be bent.

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Yep, mine are like that too.  You can try bending them back if it bothers you - it’s the frame along the back that has twisted a little, the steel angle that runs underneath the back cushion.  Mine are like that to varying extents, common like Retro says, and also like he says they work normally once installed.

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