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ARB air lines & axle breather


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hello people,

Just finished putting in my arbs and tomorrow am going to run the air lines just wanting to know were the best place to run them are its in a d90 the comp is in the back just behind the pass seat.

Thanks again

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Hi. My routing is:

Front: From diff, along axle, along radius arm (they fit nicely ziptied in the recess on the QT arms), along chassis to ARB which i have in the rear loadbed.

Rear: From diff, up along the A-frame to chassis and up into loadbed.

The stock ARB lines are quite prone to damage, particularly around the axles. I sleeved mine with reinforced hose to help.

I'm not keen on the way the line exits the diff vertically, i've had a few lines snapped off from sticks driving through woodland. I plan to get a right angled connector which is more low profile.

I've heard of some folk using brakeline & flexible brake hoses, seems a much better way.

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