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Lower steering column compatibility


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Can anyone confirm that the later lower steering column, part #QME500031 will replace the early type. Looking to make some space for custom inner wings on my D100 project with challenge style wings.

Thanks !

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Thanks guys, will have a play with the old one. Am working to make them out of flat sheet and I can get waterjet cut, so was working off the original lower mounts about a inch off the outside of the chassis rails.

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For ‘missingsid’, here are a couple of pics under my drivers side wing. I currently have the old type of lower steering shaft RTC4738 but the large collapse section is getting in the way of making some sheet inner wings.

Could someone measure the diameter of the black flex disc in the later QME500031, can get an idea then of how much space I have to work with.





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5 hours ago, Mo Murphy said:

75mm Andy


Thanks Mo, spent a couple of hours yesterday on it and think I’ve come up with a good compromise that’ll work with the later type, will check it out with that dimension.

BTW, the end of the collapse casting looks to be about 150mm from the UJ centre pivot and about same diameter?

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Thanks Mo, that should work... drew up these lower inner wing panels, they'll attached to the original front tab & will add a second tab off the inside bolt on the spring tower that holds the bump stop mounts in. Can then work to draw the rest up as I'll have a solid datum. I wanted them to be easily removable with the wings in place for cleaning & maintenance, this should work well.


Front Inner Lower - Drivers.JPG

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