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Disco 2 Td5 auto no drive


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I’m looking for some help and advice.


I have a Discovery 2 Td5 Auto pre facelift. I originally had a problem with the gearbox overheating and burning oil causing the gearbox temperature light to come on so I took it to a garage that said that they could refurb my gearbox for me and get it back on the road.

After 3 months of the garage having my vehicle I was finally told I could have it back as it had all been done. After an exceptional amount of money was handed over (more than what it would have been to get an Ashcroft box delivered and fitted, lesson learnt) I drove off happy to be back in my truck. 


12-14 months later, I started to have issues with what felt like a clutch in a manual slipping so I dropped the oil which seemed burnt and smelly, replaced the oil and it seemed to be ok, the next day I took it away with my work and the slipping started to happen again. I pulled over in the services, filled up with fuel, checked for leaks etc and tried again, I got to the slip road of the services and lost all drive. Dropped oil and it’s black and smelly again. 


Transfer box seems to be working fine.

If it’s in Park the wheels do not turn.

Handbrake works.


So I’m guessing it’s something in the gearbox again. 


Anyone had the same or know more than I do?

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