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Hello Peeps.

I would like the PLUG that goes into the steeper motor bit of a 3.9 Hotwire, this means cutting it off the loom with a lump of wire sticky out please :D

If you have a scrap HW Loom and have the plug your willing to cut off and post to me for a PAyPAl or Cheque in post drink then please PM me

If you know a web link where I can go and buy a replacement PLUG and terminbal etc from then woopppeeee doooo please advise even faster

Nige :)

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Four pins in a square formation with a green seal thing round it?

I have the very thing on my hotwire loom and it's one of the connectors i'll be lopping off so you're welcome to it.

PM me your address and i'll pop it in the post

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