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Heated screen compatibility

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Hi all , 

‘I’ve had a search around and can’t find a clear answer to this.

Can I fit a later Puma heated windscreen to my ‘86 110 ?

I’m building up the enthusiasm to replace the bulkhead and am starting to collect all the parts and  my existing screen has many scratches so putting in a heated one seems a good call (even if I don’t wire it in immediately)


thanks in advance



1986 110 

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I've fitted a late heated screen, easy enough - ideally pick up a heated screen timer relay from  Range Rover classic, a momentary switch and suitable cable and it's an easy job.  If you do a forum search there is good information.

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It's the same shape & size as every other 90/110 front screen, there are 2 or 3 terminal types,

the 2 terminal are 12v +ve on one side & earth on other side

the 3 terminal [mine] is earth on centre terminal & 12v +ve to the 2 outer terminals. 

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