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Another "what bit is this" Thread - Unknown Wire

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Everyone loves these, so I'll apologise for being guilty yet again.


 Trying to sort out the wiring behind the dash facia and I've finally come to identifying a bundle of cables that comes from the stereo connector but doesn't seem to do anything. Two are power and earth for the stereo (pink and black) but there is about 1.5m of cabling I cannot find on any of the wiring diagrams. The electrical reference book just shows the standard stereo connector without this coming off it. Any ide as?

It is connected through this plug (pink and black) and the stereo connector, and you can see two other connectors (blue and black) that don't have anywhere to connect to in the dash area:


Ends in this connector:


At first i thought it must be for some powered aerial type thing, but it won't fit through any of the grommets into the engine bay...


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Sorry Mo, that's what I meant to include for the first time in an opening post... Yes it's a 2002MY TD5 dash/loom.

I think you've nailed it, that makes a lot of sense. I'll check the wiring diagrams to confirm but very hopeful. 

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