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Rear tub to high

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Hi All, 

I’m putting the doors back on my rebuild but have Hit a problem, I’ve set the door gsp to 34 1/2 inches and have the bulkhead Parallel to the rear tub but the lock end of the door is 3 inches too low, it looks a lot like the front of the rear tub is 3 inches too high has anyone care across this before?



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Closing the door until they contact the strikers, do the panel lines of the bulge line up, or are they out like the strikers?

Another way to check the same thing is to set a line perpendicular to the door pillar at the body crease below the top hinge and see if it matches on the tub.  

the idea is just to determine if you have aligned bulkhead and tub, with strikers in the wrong place, or whether the body is misaligned.


If the body is misaligned, then I suspect the front of the tub is sitting high, which would cause the B pillar to slope towards the rear, and so setting the bulkhead to match would make the doors dip to the rear too.  It wouldn’t take a big error on the tub to get a large sum error on the doors.


Take the doors off, set a string line taught along that crease from rear tub rear corner all the way through the bulkhead, and then adjust the front of the tub to follow the string line.  Then set the bulkhead parallel to the B pillar, then fit the wings and doors.

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Im just on with these gaps on my 90.....I would have thought you could look underneath and check that the Tub is sat squarely on the 4 mounting points and that the rubber pads are still in place. Ive found its best to get all the panels on, but leave all the main mounting point loose, this way it becomes more obvious where the issue is. 

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That isn’t always reliable - when I rebuilt my 109, using the string line method, I couldn’t get the tub low enough.  It transpired the new chassis was mis-jigged and the floor support hoops were too tall.  I had to cut them all off, fit and align the tub, put the hoops into rough position to mark them for trimming the excess, then remove the tub to weld the tops of the hoops back on to their gussets.  

But if you are using the old chassis and haven’t tampered with those, checking the floor beams are on the pads is a good gross error check.

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