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Rear window catch

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Hi all,

I'm looking for a drivers side locking catch for the rear window on my 1983 110 Hi-Cap. I have tried AEU2805 and AEU2806, one of which fitted the passenger side, and one of which fitted neither side properly. The only parts book I have access to is 1987 onwards, and it is suggesting that my next attempt should be MWC7625 or MWC7648.

Firstly, does anyone know if that is right? they are more expensive than the other ones, so I am a bit reluctant to just try it. Also, they are listed as LH and RH, can somebody confirm which way they are looking at the assembly? I don't want to end up with another passenger side one!



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Thanks Western. It looks like the part number I have were right then, I will have to dig them back out and have another go, maybe I missed something. I suppose I might have put the glass back in the wrong runner or something while I had it all apart. The problem I was having was that the locking pin wasn't in line with the slots front to back.

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the diagram gives the same part number for both panes of glass so swapping them over shouldn't create any problem. not sure if puttig them ineither runner would cause that problem it doesn't say inner/outer or left/right. 

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Got it sorted this afternoon, there is an insert in the rail that was slightly out of position, so the slots didn't line up properly. With that sorted and a little trim to the catch pin it is now working a treat. thanks again.

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