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The Defender life mystery

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The Defender life mystery

One of life’s paranormal mysteries is HOW???........How the simplest of jobs on a Defender can turn into the most complicated and time consuming enigma that even the most  accomplished physicist would struggle to resolve or complete!?!.....How such a simple job involves the total dismantling of the Defender just in order to gain access to ONE lousy NUT???....How the simple job means when you first accepted the challenge you were under the influence of substances’???.....How the simple job on a Defender is a DELUSIONAL THEORY!!!......How a 5min simple job such as emptying the ash tray means you have to remove the rear door, disconnect the middle section of the exhaust and loosen the alternator, not forgetting that every one of these will incorporate seized, rusty rounded off nuts and bolts and take the best part of 10 or so hours!?!?!?!

YET, a job that logic would dictate is going to be a mare due to location, age and known knowledge of seized, rusty rounded off nuts and bolts!!! A job that suggests time is irrelevant as it is beyond comprehension!!!.... A job that will require loved ones to make contact with emergency services!!!.... A job that the mere thought of reduces any sane person to a blubbering wreck!!!.... But miraculously this job takes LESS TIME than it take to empty the ash tray!?!?!?!

But time and time again we revisit this phenomena, in the hope of Debunking this MYTH, to NO avail!!!

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6 minutes ago, FridgeFreezer said:

Nurse, the screens!

FridgeFreezer, WHERE are you PUTTING these pills!?!?!?!

Every time i get the spanners out now, both dogs instantly disappear and then about 2 days later the local kennel phones to let us know they found them barricaded in their usual pen!

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