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Trophy For Longest MS Build In History..


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I think you should all chip in and award it to me.

Failing that you can maybe help with my ineptitude.

life always seems to get right in the way of my build but I will not be deterred!

So this morning I get into the cobweb covered 110 (obligatory landy spider obviously still present and correct) armed with my laptop, MS build CD and serial lead.

Now 1st things 1st. I do not have Adobe. It’s some cheap generic thing called Sumatra or something. However I can read Nige’s CD so don’t think that’s a problem. It says on the disc there should be .MSQ files that I need to download for my engine size - 4.6 in my case. But therein lies the problem. I cannot seem to see any of these files. I can only see the ‘build instructions’. Nothing else.

Am I doing something dopey or do I have wrong disc.

Additionally, when I turn on ignition I hear a click from relay board at the same time 2 leds light up but then 1 goes out leaving the middle one on.


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Yep the whole kit from Nige. 

I always thought there was something I needed to load? It says on disc that I needed to choose the msq file for the 4.6 but I can’t seem to see any files on disc other than the guide itself. I must be doing something wrong.

When i turn key all the way to start nowt happens.

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Have you downloaded and installed Tunerstudio? 


If you install that, plug the laptop in you should be able to get to the map that's on there, which is a start :)

When you turn the key does it crank? It should do that even with the MS disconnected IIRC - if it doesn't then possibly something else is wrong...


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As Bowie said, the ECU only turns the fuel pump on for two things - the initial injector priming pulse when you first turn it on, and then when it sees the engine turning (pulses from the EDIS unit).

As you have spark, that suggests the ignition/EDIS side is fine.

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Good and bad news today.

Fired up and ran. For 2/3 seconds then stopped. Waited a bit. Started and ran for another 2/3 seconds and stopped again.

Fuel pressure issue?

Im scared what this start/stopping is doing to my cam lobes and spark plugs...

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If it wasn't eye-wateringly rich, add 25% to the REQ_FUEL value and try again see if you can get it in the ballpark. There's a lot of leeway for what mixture will actually burn.

Chances are it's just too lean once it drops out of cranking mode, or you don't have enough after-start or warmup enrichment.

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