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TD5 Clutch Replacement

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I'm getting the dreaded clutch judder on my 90 TD5 and i imagine it's time to replace it before it gives up on a drive somewhere. A couple of questions for you:

1 - is this a job i can do myself in my garage? I have a trolley jack, bottle jack, most tools and plenty of teabags

2.- do i absolutely need to replace the DMF as well?

3 - any recommended clutch manufacturers?

4 - is there anything else i need to replace whilst i'm in there? There's a high-pitched whine in the morning when i start it up and depress the clutch so i'm thinking release bearing as well?

5 - any links to tutorials anywhere? I've tried searching this forum but i couldn't find anything (probably my terrible searching skills)

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Thanks for sharing that, Western, didn't realise i could use Google like that! So to answer my own questions:

1 - Kinda

2 - yes

3 - Valeo

4 - release bearing, slave cylinder

5 - still can't find any links to tutorials or step-by-steps. Some people take the engine out and others are pulling the gearbox back, both seem like a terrifying proposition to me!

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