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200TDI Boost Pins

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Watched quite a few you tube reports today on the varying opinions on changing out the diaphram boost pins on a 200 (also 300) TDI engines.

Easy enough done and the piston to be swapped seems readily available, even over here in OZ (probably imported anyway).

Seems to be really an even mixture of users who seemed to agree almost unanimously that yes! It does give an increase in power, some say marginal, others reckon your picking up an extra gear. Some say works really well at low RPM under load, others seem to think it works better up the high end of range.

However, most reported an increase in black exhaust smoke which on video, reminded me of the bad old days when we used to add a gallon or two of super to a tankful of diesel in the old Perkins engines. A couple or tests showed the camera vehicle following the car being tested, completely obliterated by smoke!

Don't know what your authorities are like over there, but over here in Oz it would be ordered off the road and not allowed back on until a full pollution test were carried out.

I think it may have only been one, possibly two of the youtube tests where there was only what I would call "mild" puffs of smoke under moderate acceleration.

Just from this casual observer, it seemed to me that the claims that "increased performance 60-75%" were grossly exagerated, just changing this boost pin.

In cases where they went the whole route and changed/altered other components on the injector pump as well, performance was genuinely enhanced, but again, that tell tale black smoke under hard accelleration.Maybe have to rethink driving habits, ease off the mark and don't stick the boot into it until you face a hill?

Wonder what you blokes reckon? Dave 64

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:) can of worms, its had a huge amount of discussion in the past just pop it into google with Lr4x4 in the search and it will pull up all sorts. I think it's fair to say tuning of 200's and lately 300's is a bit old hat these days, you dont see so much discussion about it as you used to, I on the other hand have just decided to start tweaking my 200 behind the curve as usual, and theres heaps of info out there. You need to decide what you're looking for and at what cost imho.

Here's a topic I found particularly interesting 


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Hehe, kinda depends on what you're looking for out of your truck. you can tweak here and there and get some results, but before doing anything serious you really want to have a method of measuring your EGT so you don't cook anything.

200's have a pretty decent reputation to be quite bombproof and long lasting, part of this I presume will be down to how the factory tuned them (or didn't).

I've had my truck over 10 years, and i'm using it now as much as I ever have, but I've now got a bit fed up of a few things hence why I've recently been doing some tweaks - I also find it quite interesting and fun! which helps. As outlined in one of the topics above - bang for buck, you just have to rotate the "boost pin" and you'll see instant results - i'd try that before you go buying anything, thats what I did.

I think its in the tech forum, but there was a really good write up of some "how too's" when dealing with the Bosch VE fuel pump, a very good starting place - that combined with the Bosch official manual for the pump will get you some really decent understanding of what you can do.

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Hi Maverik,

                             Thanks again for the heads up. Since last posting have been doing a bit of reading up on the 200TDI, certainly getting some varied views!

                             Reason I started looking into it is that the vehicle its in, is undrivable at the moment, I do go out once every couple of weeks and fire her up, let it warm the engine up, check for leaks etc. One thing grabbed my attention at first was the amount of smoke generated  when either at low, or high idle, but if the throttle is set up to run around the 1800-2000RPM, once the engine warms, the smoke seems to lessen somewhat.

Could be simply needs a good run on the road to "blow the cobwebs out", i.e. put under a load. Going by what I have been reading, it would seem that around the 2700RPM seems to be the "sweet spot" for these engines.

I know blokes say they will rev out to over 4 grand, but my application and what gearing I expect of it, 3000RPM MAX would suit me down to the ground. I originally plumped for  2500 RPM "change points" with the transmission (NP435) behind it, but a few blokes are telling me I may get good economy but after a while it will start to "gum up".

Don't really believe that, bought a 3 litre TDI Prado brand new in 2004, drove it conservatively and now 16 years and well over 200,000Km still as sprightly as ever, with no seemingly adverse problems. That particular vehicle has been driven like that since new, I'm the only one who does drive it and a lifetime of driving trucks on interstate taught me a few fundamentals.

So, unless that "tinkering" with the boost pin thingo has any benefits for a smoky engine at idle (I'm hearing and reading the opposite!). i think I will leave it alone (at least for the time being!).

The other thing I didn't mention is that at this stage I will probably run this vehicle as just straight turbocharged, WITHOUT the intercooler. Again, going by what I have read by some blokes over your way who have dropped these 200 TDI engines into earlier L/R's, they do quite well WITHOUT the intercooler and sometimes even as naturally aspirated. AND, without major adjustments to the injector pump. Personally, I would try just the turbo, but without the intercooler and leave all the fuel settings alone.

Cheers, Dave64

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I'm playing with my 200tdi (my 11th in 30 years). But I'm staying clear of black smoke - mainly because it's unburnt fuel. The engine is over-fuelling. Fine in Tractor Pulling but not fine in my motor, because it's wasted money

In the present 200 I wanted power between 2 and 3k. 3k is 70mph with my gearing. I wanted fuel economy at that rpm range. I also wanted an engine that pulled well off turbo.

Personally I wouldn't tough a boost pin. I'm tempted by the Boost Ring , but only because it makes sense - and Maverick is doing the testing

Diesels go quicker if you get more air and more fuel in. But it's a balanced mix. Too much of either is not worth it....

So look at induction ( I have a stage 2.5 head on mine) and I've Daaned the inlet manifold (look up what Daan has done to his 300).

Then look at Exhaust - get those fumes out. A straight through pipe is excessive as you get too much scavenge, but that centre box can go. The system is meant to be 2.5" from factory. Many replacement exhausts simply aren't. Britpart is 2.25"

Injectors are a 100k service item - so get them tested and 'refreshed'

Now is the time to start tweaking - small increments on boost and fuelling

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Thanks for your reply, have taken note. As it is at the moment, running the stock standard 200TDI canister type air cleaner, with a short 2+1/2" exhaust with virtually full flow muffler, Had considered going up to a 3" from the first elbow (about 10" from turbo),  out under the chassis, but can do that anytime.

Was given the engine quite a few years ago as a project, so am unsure just how many KM's are on the injectors, probably wouldn't hurt to have the pump looked at, at the same time.

Engine has virtually cost me nothing except a few "O"rings and seals. Starts very easily, even in the dead of winter here , only gets down to zero and being under cover, requires no Glow plug or any help of any kind. Always fires first touch of the starter, holds good oil pressure even when warmed up to 160-180 F, around the 45lb/sq in, so am reluctant to touch the engine itself, pump and injectors probably yes.

Thanks again, Dave64


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