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Panhard rod to chassis bolt query

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I'm looking for clarification on the part number for the two 1/2 inch UNF bolts that go through the panhard rod to chassis bracket as I've managed to order the wrong item. This is the item:bracket.png.36799c3019457ec4905cd5b6c9c27b74.png

From the remains of the two bolts they look the same but when I looked on lrworkshop there were two seperate parts listed, I ordered 253948 and BH608381 - https://www.lrworkshop.com/diagrams/land-rover-defender-axles-suspension/front-suspension/radius-arms-links_52609#19

253948 looks corrent but BH608381 is incorrent (my mistake). I made a mistake with the year code and had meant to order BH608461. Given that 253948 looks like the correct bolt and looks the same as the ones I took out I'm tempted to order another one of those but I presume there is a reason why the parts are different. If anyone coud clarify or knows what the difference is I'd really appreciate it. They are all 1/2" diameter and the distance from the bottom of the bolt head to the tip of the 3 longer bolts is 6 1/4 inches.The vehicle is a 1998 300tdi defender 110 year code WA147XXX.




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Later models Td5 onwards or thereabouts used a shorter bolt in the top hole - 4.75”, which is the one you have in error.

They’re nothing special so any high tensile 1/2” UNF bolt of the correct length will do the job. As such a second 253948 would work but would be slightly over length - the correct one should be BH608461 as you note.

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Thanks for getting back to me, I ended up ordering the correct bolt so hopefully should be with me soon. I've just realised today that you can input your vin number into the lrworkshop website and it highlights the parts that fit so hopefully I shouldn't get too scrambled up with codes next time!

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