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Start motor wiring - 19J engine, 28DJ code on starter

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Gents, last push now to get the motor running.  I need some help please.  I've looked for historic posts and am lost on the wiring diagram in Haynes.

I have 28DJ coded starter motor - three obvious terminals.  Three wires on the engine harness:  White and red band (know where that one goes),  large single brown and a pair of smaller brown.

Where do these two connect please?  Looks like a body terminal and possible something on the solenoid??  greatly appreciate any sage advice please...



Engine harness - starter motorIMG_1574.jpg

Starter Motor IMG_1572.jpg

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The 2 ring terminals on the bigger stud where the thick red cable is. the thick brown is from battery, the thinner brown is from altenator once connected & running these supply the current for the vehicles use & charge the battery.

the female spade terminal on the male spade terminal on solenoid

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