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Restamping engine block after reconditioning


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I'm rebuilding an engine at the moment, new shells, rings, cam etc.

Can I stamp a new number on it? In a separate location to the original, which I won't obscure.

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 Just keep the original serial number,  adding a 2nd number could cause untold problems if DVSA/Police ever had to get involved with the vehicle, but you could stamp something like  rebuilt with the date it was completed. 

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A bit of useless information that applies to factory recon series engines.

LR or their reconditioners always machined the number off.

There is a service bulletin that ells dealers to stamp the original engine number on the machined surface.  Many didnt bother though.

There is also some confusion with log books/V5s where the engine no and the chassis no appear the same.  They cannot be  as they use a different system but laziness when first registering meant that the chassis number was just copied into the engiune number space.



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I had a factory recon 3.9 that had no serial number stamped on it. I needed one for customs so made up my own code/number, stamped it on, got the engine number changed on the log book to match the number I'd created.

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