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6 Way Switch Removal


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I forgot i wrote this ages ago. Should have posted it here....

Disconnect battery
Using the diagram(s) showing the six way switch.
Get to the back of the six way. Find the two red wires.
Get to the back of the six way. Find the Blue Wire
Get to the back of the six way. Find the Brown Wire
Get to the back of the six way. Find the Brown/White Wire
Cut off the six way. Completely remove it.
Tape up the Red/Brown Wire (you can still feed this with a switch and live to make the convoy light at the rear work) Might be good for a work light??
Extend the Brown wire to behind the speedo (LIVE)
Extend the Blue wire to behind the speedo (POS2)
Connect the two Red wires and extend to behind the speedo (POS1)
Behind the speedo and steering column – Fit new switch.
Connect the wires above to new switch in correct positions
Running the 3 extended wires can be done behind the black plastic dash tray with the main loom. I just used some 2.5 which is plenty big enough. Overkill really
You really need Yellow crimps for this.
Everything is still fused as originally.
If you swap to LEDs at any point drop the fuse ratings to half.




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