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19J engine bay layout - Airfilter placement......

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Gents, I'm sorry to ask a daft one today - but -  I cannot find any mounting points or markers to allow me to replace the air-filter canister and tubing....  I know its nearside, very close to the rad cowling etc. but thats as far as I can get..

If anyone out there has a 19J and could please send me a couple fo pictures of the location and mounting of the air-filter canister I'd be massively grateful...  I couldn't decode the Haynes narrative and a search of the web has, well been interesting but pointless...

Huge thanks in anticipation.


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The Turbo D engine used the same filter housing as the 2.5 petrol and NA Diesel.


Here's the canister  and here's a picture of the whole shabungle - hoses, adapters,  brackets and screws.

Hopefully this will help. You should at least have some bolt holes where it all fixes.





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Mickey, item 14 on that diagram - is that some sort of vacuum operated filter clog indicator?  Neither of my filter housings had the fitting for any of that to attach to, so I’ve not seen that assembly before.

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I had forgotten about that indicator, but I do now recall the one on our 90 TD never seemed to do anything. But yes, it's meant to be a 'service due' indicator.

My 2002 Merc has something similar on the filter housing. That seems equally useful 😉

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