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Damage Report


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Just got back last night from a jolly good week of Laning and playing in Wales.

Stayed at a superb B&B just outside Llandovery (sp?? :blink: ) called Llanerchindda Farm . Its Biker and 4x4 friendly and has it's own small off road site that kept us busy for a couple of days...

So, the damage report goes like this...


Bertha, my rangie developed a mysterious temp problem... switch the heater on and the temp guege starts doing wierd jumping up and down type movements... :blink:

Rob and Pauls Rangie (3ltr Perkins job) blew the oil pressure guage pipe and deposited a load of oil on the road.


Moo (yellow Rangie) blew a heater hose on the way up a lane.

Bertha snapped a front halfshaft on the way down :( Ouch!

Kevs Rangie developed a flat tyre... fitted new tube on the roadside B)


Rob and Pauls Rangie blew its waterpump up :blink: That was interesting!

Richard and Paul's bobtail developed a distributor problem.


Marks 90 melted a fuse and his leccy fans packed up


Caught berthas steering bar on a rock and snapped it! :blink:

Moo's tyre got a slice in the side wall... fixed that with superglue!! :lol:

Rob and Pauls Rangie seemed to have water in the fuel system and conked out on the way home.

I stole Moo's steering bar and fitted it to bertha so I could drive home.

Moo got recovered.

Rob and Paul got recovered.

The list of spares I'm gonna be taking with me to distant events has now increased somewhat!!! :rolleyes:

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this weekends damage:-

steering bar

front h/shaft

front wheel

wheel studs x5

wheel nuts x5 (lost some of em) others i had to cut off with angle grinder :unsure:

series hub (not as easily replaced as u might think cos it needs machining to accept disc brake)

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Not before October anyway as we are going to stay with Nick :D:D:D:D:D:D

As re spares all we are bringing remembering we have to cross the pond are half shafts, and our AA cards, and half a landrover in bits and pieces :P:P

BTW Tonk replaced my first GKN shaft this weekend, Truck is having a total overhaul of front axle and a looking at the rear.

As for having fun.........Mand, you try and not have fun,

Did anyone get maps for Wales yet?

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I presume Nick's not abandoned Llanerchindda to move abroad yet then - any news on when he's likely to be shutting up shop?

He said 3 weeks until he's moving, I think he's really looking forward to it, sounds like a great site he's got out there and some interesting off roading. Apparently the new owners are just as off-road friendly though, so should be no problems B)

Nice friendly place, and despite the fabulous food I only put on a pound while we were out there! Not bad for a week of cooked breakfasts :rolleyes: Still, all that running up and down riverbeds must be good for you! <_<:lol:

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"repair after BREAKfast" (you made a joke then Tonk) good job we carry a "STOCK" with us then!!!!

Jen how long did it take you to get there?

Getting to the Severn bridge is quite quick... couple of hours. But once you are in Wales it goes all pear shaped... IIRC it took about an hour and a half to get from the bridge to Nicks gaff. :rolleyes:

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I presume Nick's not abandoned Llanerchindda to move abroad yet then - any news on when he's likely to be shutting up shop?

Not yet... but ain't far away. I think the bloke that is takin over is more of a biker, but either way, sure you'll be made welcome.

It's a crackin place! :D

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