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Defnder 110 Red Engine light

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Hello fellow Landy enthusiasts; I have an issue which has raised its head recently.

My engine electrical warning light came on whilst driving the other day. 

I have inspected all of the earthing points that I can find (Clutch, chassi near gearbox flexi mount, starter connections, alternator output voltage (reads 14.62V), all the hamfisted wiring which was behind the fuse cover in front of cubby box, connections under both driver and passenger seat.......) I'm at a loss...!!!

The engine is still running, any ****ty spade connections have been replaced with sealed solder heat shrink joints to provide better connections for a much longer life. I have also been through the haynes and workshop manual - T**s on a fish...!


I need help from some of you legends out there who know how to keep these lovable money pits on the road.

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So which one is the "red engine electrical warning light" - is it the battery symbol?

If so that can pretty much only be the alternator or its wiring, you can have a dodgy diode in the alternator and it will still charge but it might also decide to catch on fire depending on the failure.

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Hi Mo/Fridge, 


Sorry for missing out the obvious: Its the TD5. Here's a picture of the light, It came on the other day while I was driving. I can't identify any system so far which has been affected by this. I have tested the Alternator output and this is fine. 


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