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300tdi vacuum pump

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Hi, I took my daughter's horse out today in the trailer for the first time in the last few months, to get a bit of a change and go on a different ride, and to be honest also to move the trailer to stop it seizing up. However a couple of miles from home on the return journey, a new scary noise suddenly made itself heard, a knocking and banging something like tin was touching the fan, and it was in line with engine speed. It came and went. My first thought was a bearing in the engine, but then I realised I had lost power assistance to the brakes. So another Wabco pump bites the dust. I replaced this about 9 years and 45000 miles ago, so it hasn't done very well. I have a spare pump but I am thinking of going electric. My wife has been finding the brakes are a bit heavy for her now - maybe a sign that the pump was on the way out I admit - but I have done a bit of reading and came across the Brittanica Restorations video on the Wabco pump, where he says that part of the problem can be the servo splitting and causing it to work hard all the time. However if the servo has split(investigations to follow) I am wondering if there is a better servo with more assistance; I recall somewhere reading the Discovery one can be used, and was a double (tandem?) one but I can't find the reference now. Has anyone experience of using something that gives more assistance than standard?

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I've too have heard that the double ABS version of servo is an upgrade for the 90 to give more easier breaking effect.

I have the earlier master cylinder as well a thin servo so would look to change both as an upgrade.

Likewise interested in this topic.....I believe it means a small amount of cutting to the wing top to use the fatter longer servo.

Perhaps a grown up will pop in.....  😁😁

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Here I thought I was alone with brake issues.....NOT!  🤣🤣

2 weeks ago I replaced the vacuum pump on my truck and I removed it yesterday. The flipping thing was chattering away as if it was going to explode. Once removed I saw that the 2 grub screws that hold the guide for the piston were turn back so far that the guide was move with the piston. There was not a drop of locktite anywhere's to be seen on the screws. 

Moving on to the next point, Nick should ping soon as he's installed the Disco 1 booster on his 109. He also used a Defender master cylinder if my memory is right. I've recently bought a Disco 1 booster and still waiting for the post to deliver the Disco 1 non ABS master cylinder. My plan is to improve my braking as I've noticed a decline in effectiveness after the rooftop tent, awning and fridge are installed. I've googled this topic and there seems to be some confusion of what fits but Nick was able to make it work with little to no mods involved and he was over the moon with the final results. I'm basically going to follow his steps while I use Disco 1 components.  

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I couldn’t comment about the compatibility of the Discovery servo with the Defender pedal box as I retained my SIII pedal and made an adaptor, but the braking system was excellent with the Discovery servo.  The servo also seems quite sturdy

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