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CD Radio NOT working


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Does anyone know where i can take or send a GENUINE LR CD Radio to get refurbished/repaired???

I have x2 both NOT working and somewhat frustrating!?!

x1 wont accept the code and after x3 attempts states it's SAFE... have left it on for an hour and retried with NO success!?! Used to work fine till i disconnected the battery then wouldn't accept the code???

x2 wont take in a CD....Push/shove CD in and wont go all the way in  so get nothing!....Ejects ok though which is a bonus for not having a stuck CD in it!?!

Be nice if i could get at least one of them fixed.

Thanks for any advice/help with this as it's annoying to say the least. 


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OK so after a lot of searching around i came up with a Clarion car radio repair guy and as luck would have it, close to me!?!

He says it needs sending away to be sorted, to a place in Birmingham. Up shot was he gave me the details and said it would be cheaper and quocker to go direct.

So gunna phone them tomorrow and se what thdy can do as they ate an approved service centre. 

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