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95 disco 1, stalling while driving & now wont start at all


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Hey guys,

Desperate for some advice here, hopefully someone can help with my nightmare Disco1

Engine No: 36D40381B
CC rating: 3,947cc
Fuel Type: Petrol
Power: 134kW
Drive: 4WD
Transmission: 4-gear automatic


Was driving around was running fine then suddenly stalled pulling out from an intersection, took a good 5-10 minutes to get it started again then yeay she started and seemed fine stupid me continued on with my trip onto the motorway (dumb i know) but she seemed to come right, after about another 10 mins cruising down motorway she stalled again and would not start at all.

Got towed back home tried to start again and she started, but after about 5 mins of idling she stalled. tried a few more times and continued to stall while idling. now it wont start at all 

has been sitting a while since then, we have replaced the MAF sensor & ignition coil + after sitting a while the fuel pump relay is going nuts clicking in sync with engine light flashing like crazy . The fuel pump was brand new installed by a garage at beginning of the year so i don't think its fuel pump related.


Any advice would be appreciated,  my main question is could a faulty dizzy cause these particular problems & any further info on what could be causing it if it isn't a faulty dizzy - the reason i ask is we don't want to stuff around doing the dizzy if this isn't the likely fault as i can't find my specific symptoms in relation to a dizzy issue from what I've read online.


- note we are car noobs, we got it as a big of an adventure car / project with the hopes of doing a bit of off road adventuring - brother in law is a mechanic and worked specifically on land rovers and we are doing bits and bobs under his supervision!! but sadly he isn't available to us all the time so work on the car is at a snails pace right now!

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That's classic symptom of the ignition amplifier module going faulty - they fail with heat and then work again when things cool off. Should be a small 2-pin module on the side of the dizzy.

Not sure about the fuel pump thing but I don't really know much about those ECU's, generally chop them off and fit megasquirt for an easy life and no more distributor.

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