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Can you have two single seats in middle row?

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Hi all, I'm a new proud owner of a refurbished Defender 110 XS. The vehicle has the 60/40 split middle row half-leather Puma style seats (I think). I'd love to have two single seats in the middle row so that I can sleep down the middle aisle so to speak (plus I only need 6 seats not 7). I wondered if there was such a thing as a 40/60 split middle row? (Opposite setup to that which you normally see, with the single seat behind the driver and two-seat behind the passenger). The easiest thing would be to take a second middle row single seat (but built for right hand side) as it would fit where the two seat currently resides (would need new bolt holes). I've only seen a couple of LHD LR 110 XS online and they seem to have the 60/40 and not a reverse 40/60 set up as I hoped. Anybody wanted to do the same thing? Any ideas of how I could achieve this . . . ideally keeping the same style of seats. Cheers!

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I also have two Defender front seats in the second row. I wouldn't say the gap between them is exactly comfortable for sleeping purposes, but it's handy for getting long objects inside the truck. 

My seats are built onto individual sub frames that permit them to be folded forward (once the headrest is removed)

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Sure.  You need fairly skinny seats to have enough space to sleep between them.  My 110 has cargo area side facing seats in custom frames in the second row, facing forward.  This leaves enough space for a 45 liter fridge between them, which could work for sleeping.

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