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TD5 Alarm Woes

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I have a 2002 110 TD5.

I recently replaced the instrument mounting binnacle for a Raptor one, because the original one was cracked and falling apart. At the same time I replaced the centre switch panel for a Mud Stuff double DIN one.

Now it's all back together I have the following issues with the central locking/alarm:

  • The indicators no longer flash when locking/unlocking - changing the fob battery had no affect.
  • With the ignition on there is a constant loud ticking from the front nearside.
  • If you try to lock the vehicle with a door left open, it should beep twice to warn you - it doesn't.
  • Deliberately triggering the alarm sets off a relay somewhere (I can hear it clicking), but there is no siren or horn.

I checked all the fuses and found no problems, but to be on the safe side I replaced fuses 6 and 27 with new ones.

I have taken my Defender to two garages (the last one was a local independent LR specialist) and despite plugging it in to diagnostic equipment they can't find the problem.


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i would say a wire on the green box has been disturbed or a ground.

have you replaced the hazard switch as had all sorts of problems when fitting all new switches on a 2001 defender and mud console / switches. 

did the garages check voltage drop etc when doors were open / closed. 


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I had to remove all the switches on the centre panel when I swapped it over, however it was only necessary to take the back off each switch and then pop the switch itself out of the old panel. All the existing switches were reused.

I'm not sure if the garages checked voltage drop with doors open or closed.

However they were able to communicate with the ECU via the port and apparently it didn't report any missing wires. Dissapointingly though the LR specialist though didn't have a genuine Nanocom.

I'm wondering if the 10AS unit  lost some of its settings whilst the battery was disconnected...


I think either of these two outfits could possibly help:



However their services are not cheap!

I'm tempted to hire a Nanocom, but the I've no experience of using one!

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3 hours ago, simonpelly said:

Fully recommend "technozen-electronics" - They fixed my 10AS unit and re-programmed as necessary. They also sent copy of all the settings and alarm codes. Good to know in the future if need to get reprogrammed keys.


Thanks Simon, I'll give them a call and discuss the problems.

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  • 3 weeks later...

The problem has finally been solved!!

l emailed Technozen, but I didn't receive a reply, however the indy LR garage did suggest a guy who operates from home over Stratford way.

I made an appointment and went over there today. Before plugging in the diagnostic equipment he made a few basic checks. It turned out to be a blown fuse in the aux fuse box next to the ECU!!


Problem solved in 10 mins for the princely sum of £20!

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