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Duct tape in fuel tank

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Hi All,

Whilst refuelling from a jerry can yesterday I made a makeshift funnel from a plastic bottle and (stupidly) 'secured' it to the body using a small piece of duct tape to be able to lift the jerry can with both hands. 

Long story short, the piece of duct tape dissolved with the diesel and went shooting down into the fuel tank. It's only a small piece - about the size of two postage stamps (or approx. 2x2 inches)

I'm what you'd call a beginner when it comes to defenders - I've only had it around a month (1988 110 3 door 2.5n/a) and have neither a workshop/ garage nor all the correct tools. Should I be looking to drop the fuel tank and clean it out or do you think I might be able to get away with leaving it and hoping that the fuel filter does it's job and that the remaining plastic doesn't clog the pipe?

Any advice would be much appreciated!


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It could easily get picked up by the flow and clog the pick up pipe, Sod’s law at the worst possible moment, and cut the fuel off.  The dissolving gum on the tape will likely also cause issues - though hopefully the filter would get most of it, any dissolved into liquid state could do all sorts of damage to injectors, gum piston rings and so on.  I think you need to drain the tank, discard the fuel and and clean it out properly.

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Personally, I don't believe the small amount of dissolved adhesive would cause any problems when diluted by a decent amount of fuel in the tank, it's primarily a blend of hydrocarbon resins anyway and should disappear without trace. 

As to the backing tape, I agree that it "could" get picked up by the strainer, but I would see that as very unlikely with the filter gauze pointing down so as to speak, plus the fact that the strainer is normally far enough above the bottom of the tank to prevent stuff from getting picked up.

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Does a 2.5 NA have a strainer or anything in the tank? I thought they just had a basic dip tube and there was a fuel filter in the engine bay - either way, I'd be amazed if anything worth worrying about got through a fuel filter.

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I Have had this twice now on different 300tdi defenders. Vehicle stalls suddenly, then can be restarted until it stalls agin. 

The first time it was an oak leaf being sucked against the pick-up pipe, the second it was the foil seal from a bottle of reddex. 

That tape will sink and get sucked against the pick-up pipe and the car will stop. You need to get it out somehow. As It's a steel tank use the car until it's empty and remove the drain into a clean container with a funnel. With any luck it'll come out. It didn't on either occasion I tried though. 


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