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Windscreen frame


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After a bit of advice. Doing up the wife's SIII and the windscreen frame has been painted. Removing the paint has damaged the galv. Having had a quick look around it would seem you can no longer buy new wind screen frames. Or can someone prove me wrong please?

So as a fall back looking to get it blasted and galvanised. Can anyone recommend a blasters and galvanisers in the Leeds / Bradford / West Yorkshire area please?





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Sorry, no - but.... when you put the glass back in, if used as more than a summertime plaything, shove heated-screens in.  Worth every penny on those dampish Autumn days when the demister won't clear the condensation, and in Feb... should be a legal requirement.

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There was one on the Hessle road in Hull when I went past a little while ago now. Have a look on Street view for it. It's on the left as you go towards the dock, after the swing bridge and just before a roundabout.

Edit: couldn't resist and did it for you 


but they have a plant nearer to you


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Two suppliers:

Urgoglass via Devon 4x4.

I've these. Not amazing quality, to be honest, the silver strips at top and bottom of the screens are visible after fitting, and I can see some bubbles in the laminated part.


Plus the glass feels a little small for the frame, I used a tube of sealant around them to get them snug.

And Ricky Evans.

I've no experience with these, but am going to try them on the lightweight.

They might be worse!



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