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Defender 200Tdi - VGT Turbo - Anyone got one fitted?

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Hi folks,

I've just purchased a new Snail from Allisport for my Def 200Tdi, I've been doing a bit of googling to see if I could find any pictures of other set-ups but I've not been able to find much. I've seen a fair few on 300's though.

Was just interesting to see how anyone got on with the installation, if there's any issues I can plan for.


Cheers Mav

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I will be interested to hear what you think of it once fitted Mav. I spoke to Pete at Bell Autos about one of his VGT turbos for my 200tdi. When I explained I was happy with the bottom end performance and wanted a little more when driving at 70 on the motorway, he said not to bother changing from standard.

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I have one.  It is plug and play.  I did grind out the turbo inlet though to match the manifold.  The turbo inlet is oval and smaller than the manifold, presenting a step to the flow.

Other issues...  The manifold studs frequently break.  It is a good idea to have a spare set in advance.  The oil return lower fitting usually needs grinding to fit.

Performance wise, it is not a big difference.  Boost comes on a bit earlier, but it is only 2 or 300 rpm.  EGTs do drop at the same boost level, so you can increase fueling some.  They can put out a lot more boost, so there is more power available if you want to increase boost.

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Hi, might be different now, but they didn't supply the gasket between the drain stub and turbo casing on my 300 version. And you will also need an egr gasket. Only pence but annoying if you don't happen to have spares. They want you to fit a new oil feed pipe too.

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