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Hi All,

This is undoubtedly a long shot, but you never know. . I am trying to find the current owner of this 2006 Defender 110, and am posting this to a few of the main forums in the hope that he/she, or someone familiar with it, may see this.

I sold this Landy 5 years ago. It belonged to my late older brother, who passed away at 29. I had to sell her soon after as we needed the money to help with everything, but now I would like more than anything to somehow buy her back one day. It was a big part of my brother's life and there are so many great memories which I hold on to dearly.

I have been in touch with the person I sold her to, but it has since gone onto two other owners, and have had no joy getting any further. I can't ask the DVLA for this information either so my last resort is to try these forums in the hope it may be spotted by someone familiar with the landy. I have attached a couple of photos.. It has since had an expedition rack fitted, which is probably still on. It was in the Wiltshire/Somerset area, but I'm not sure if this is still the case.

I know the Landy community can be quite special so I thought this worth a go.

Any help or advice is most appreciated.





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No joy with the DVLA for now as they are only dealing with key worker issues.

Have found a link on google for the last sale:  https://www.defender-landrover.co.uk/2017/05/2006-land-rover-defender-110-25-td5.html  

Unfortunately no joy with the dealership as they changed their computer system over and no longer have details of the sale.

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