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Lightweight wipers


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I expect so, but don't have the parts book to hand. One clue would be the wiring:

Does the loom have the requisite wiring for park and high/ low?


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Like you I’ve been building this for a while. I started in 2009 🙄.  300tdi and an R380; it’s been an interesting project to say the least.

The loom is just a horrible mix of army bodge and previous owner scotch-lock nightmare. So am slowly rewiring the whole system from ignition switch through the instrument panel and switches and then using existing good wiring to the various end items.

It looks like two-speed and park yes. So I’ll work backwards through the loom to the original relays and go from there.

Im going to rewire it with new relays and fuses back to the switch just so I now it’s reliable and safe.

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