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Original wiring loom fun and games!!!

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Morning all, I have a 2001 registered 1998 Land rover Discovery. I have recently bought the megasquirt kit to install although I have come across a problem at the first step of removing the engine loom and wondered if anyone else had experience of it and any possible solutions. My engine loom is all part of the main loom, including the starter, alternator and air conditioning amongst others, no plug to undo it and remove it. I have traced everything back through the bulkhead and discovered the majority of the wiring goes to the ecu, while some heads of to the immobiliser, which I plan on removing completely, and some relays. The relays are wired through the ecu plug. I know the relays are for the air conditioning, x3 and for the fuel x2. I have figured out most things but don't know how to deal with the evap purge. Do I just remove it if possible or does it need to be wired in via megasquirt? I would prefer to remove it if possible, being a 1998 car the cannister will be as good as useless anyway. If anyone has had experience of a loom that becomes part of the main engine bay loom any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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But seriously...



MS don't know or care about the evap thingy, not sure exactly how they work but yes you can do whatever with it, I'd read the RAVE manual for how it works & that will give you an idea what's safe to do with it.

As for the rest of the loom, once you've identified the easy wires (fuel injectors, sensors, etc.) there's only a few like the relays where you may need to swap wires (MS switches relay ground, your ECU may switch the 12v side), or re-purpose now-redundant wires going to the engine bay. Again, the RAVE manual and circuit diagrams will show how it's all connected.

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Yes sorry about that, did make it harder to read than necessary. Thanks for the reply though 🙂

Wiring is all starting to make more sense now. Old loom is sorted. Onwards and upwards 🙂

Not sure about the evap still. I can't get into Rave as my disc has gone walkabouts. I have read of people removing the cannister and blanking the connections but that seems a bit too easy! I am in no immediate rush so will find a solution.

Looking forward to having her running properly 🙂


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