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Impact (hammer) Driver


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I had a stuck screw in a brake disc the other day. My old Draper seems to have disappeared and so borrowed a mates cheap one. First hit the bit twisted like chocolate and on the second the driver disintegrated into many pieces.

SO now i need to buy 2.

Whats good these days? (Without breaking the bank)

The one that was just s..t was one of these, avoid at all costs https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Impact-Screwdriver-Driver-Set-Carbon-Steel-Multi-Bits-Hammer-Socket-Repair-Tools/382987589324?hash=item592bd6d6cc:g:rl8AAOSwXwtc9cRp

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I have one of these sets


For the first time ever, a few days ago, I wore out / broke a tip in 4 odd years of having the set.

Ah just realised doesn't have the "driver" bit but I've got the Milwaukee 1/4" impact driver separately. The bits are good though, the little driver has actually managed to take off the odd wheel nut* too which is slightly ridiculous. They claim 226Nm from the updated model and unlike most cheaper ones I expect it'll deliver it.

*most of the time I use the far more sensible 1500Nm impact... Although I see the current model is now closer to 2000Nm. It failed for the first time at undoing an M24 bolt on the neighbours topper last weekend. Mind you that I think that was more due to a not perfect fit on the spanner on the nut. It did dig a hole in the tarmac before the nut rounded off.

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For this job at least battery impact drivers wont do it, as the Pozi head just jumps out / ruins the head. 

The advantage is that the same impact by the hammer is driving the bit into the head with a lot of force at the same time as turning it.

On this job i did use my hammer screw driver, and it broke the PZ3 bit immediately.

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I can see that the terminology is difficult. It seems that Draper (at least) call the 'non-electrical' versions 'impact screwdrivers'.
I can't recall whose make I bought all those years ago, but I do agree with the advantages of the hammer blow giving positive engagement as well as the turning force.
If you have had good service from a Draper version in the past then their range seems a good place to start. Once you have a part number you can use it to chase down the best price.

This search seems to produce their range.


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I have a Halfords impact driver. Doesn't get a lot of use - usually the handbrake drum retaining screw or disc to hub screws.


Mine came in a cheap plastic case wotsit not the nice metal box shown here but I did buy it over 10 years ago! The tool looks the same though.

Has worked faultlessly when called upon.

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Ok good to know a Halfords one has lasted. Yes its not a tool one uses every day, but when its needed its the only tool that will do it.

Yeah could go Draper again, although their quality is not what it was 30 years ago.

re that link to Draper above the cheaper one looks like the one that fell apart on 2nd strike, o'd go for the all metal one.

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37 minutes ago, SteveG said:

Teng one has stood up to use so far. I’ve destroyed a couple of the flat head bits, on bolts I’ve ended up cutting off in the end, on screws they haven’t failed yet. 

cheers, Steve 

Yes same here - they said if I took the bits in they’d replace them. I’ve been meaning to do it for a couple of years now .... 

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