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TDCI Dash Switches

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Good afternoon Gents,

I’m hoping someone on here can please pass on some advice or share their experience with the subject of dash switches?

I’ve had a mare over the past 2 days connecting 4 separate latching switches that I purchased from MUD UK to wire up a front light bar, rear LED work lights, Rear strobe recovery lights, Front strobe recovery lights (front and rear strobes on separate circuits).  Initially starting with the light bar, going by their wiring diagram almost resulted in a vehicle on fire going by their switch wiring diagram (luckily no damage) had to change terminal 5 to earth and 4 to the light bar as they had these round the other way?

In the end I got it wired and working although a couple of disappointing aspects, the amber warning light doesn’t illuminate when the switch is depressed and is on, it just seems to flicker momentarily when pressing the switch? It illuminates okay with the sidelights turned on but goes off when I press the switch on?  

For the rear work lights I never put these through a relay due to being fairly low power, Wired the same way and same issues as above, no warning light, sidelight illumination goes off when the light switched on? One added problem at the end with these, when I switch the sidelights on one of the rear work lights comes on dimly and flickering although they’re switched off, thinking this could be a low back feed of power from the switch? 

I gave up after this and left the strobe light half complete (connected switch wiring and ran The wires but not Connected the strobes). Again no relay added to these, I’m guessing they’re also fairly low power? The weird one with these is that the dash illumination is connected but won’t come on even though the power is there? If I remove the light bar switch and plug it into the strobe connector it illuminates? And if I plug the strobe switch into the light bar connector it illuminates?? But not the other way round? 

All in all it’s fast becoming a job I wished I hadn’t started and stuck with the basic rocker switches used previously. I bought the Puma dash pod and switches paying a small fortune hence why I’m reluctant to abandon it all now.

Any help or advice guys would be greatly appreciated. 

Vehicle is a 2012 110 Defender XS Utility 2.2 Puma TDCI.



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Hi Mo, 

Unfortunately no further forward. I have abandoned it for now until I can get more information. As much as I like the look of these switches, in hindsight I would have chosen something more straight forward. I also wouldn’t go recommending them to anyone given the vague and conflicting fitting detail. 

Thanks for following up!!



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