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TD5 smoke reduction...

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Hi all, hope everyone is safe and well.

My TD5 unfortunately failed the MOT equivalent test here in France yesterday due to exhaust gas opacity. It only narrowly failed (0.3 m-1 across the three run average) and I'm sure if the throttle had been applied smoothly this wouldn't have happened, but anyway I'm looking for simple fixes just to get it passed and would appreciate any input. For info- my truck has the following mods: larger intercooler, silicon pipes, decat, silencer delete, egr blank, stage 2 tune from empire. So far I see my options as being: 

1 - Send the ECU back to the tuner in the UK to get the map detuned slightly (pros- likely to fix, and cheap. ; Cons- leaves me with standard map after, chance of getting lost in the mail, 2 weeks or so without truck) 

2 - Buy a nanocom. Tuner has agreed to help me load the standard map for the test and then change back (Pros- will be able to switch back and forth myself, engine diagnostics; Cons- £390)

3- Pop the airfilter out for the test (Pros- free; Cons- might not work, could suck carp in)

Maybe there is also another option I haven't thought of? Shove a Covid mask in the exhaust? 😂


I'd really appreciate any advice! Thanks!

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