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Viscous Fan

Jim Mason

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Hi there,

Just replaced the viscous fan on my 300tdi discovery 1 with part number ERR2266.

I was no longer getting characteristic roar on startup with old fan unit.

Fitted new viscous fan, but outside temperature is 21°C engine was cold but still not getting characteristic roar on startup.

Is the outside temp causing it to immediatly couple, was expecting 30 second roar then disconnection.

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I can’t say I ever got that roar from my 300 unless the engine was hot.  The fan should be idling on startup in any UK weather, able to slip if you stick a rolled up news paper into the blades.  No resistance would indicate a failed hub, but it should be easy to stop the fan (or prevent it on start up).

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The viscous fan is freewheeling untill the radiant heat of radiator heats up it's bimetalic coil to 72*C then it starts to lock progressively so it's definitely not supposed to be noisy on cold start regardless of outside temp

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