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Wheel and Tyre size

Ben jessup

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Hi guys, I am new to this page and only 17 so take it easy. I currently have a 1990 90 truck cab it has a set of boost alloys, these wheels are 16x7 and have an offset of +33 these are paired with some continetal tyres that are 235/85.

I also have 30mm spacers behind these wheels(put on by previous owner.)

I am looking at getting some new steel wheels and some Toyo open country MTS, I would get the same size tyre but i cant get steel wheels with +33mm offset However i could get rid of my 30mm spacers and just get some zero offset steel wheels. I am worried that these tyres might foul the arch as they are quite big, The truck is stock height and driven offroad and for farm work and very short work commutes.

I was wondering if I could get some advice. and whether i should get the zero offset steelies.

Cheers Ben

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It will be fine.  If you want to keep the spacers, you can use Disco 1 steel wheels as they have the 33 mm offset.  Otherwise most after market 16x7 steel wheels are around 10 mm offset and will work well without spacers.  Or Wolf 16x6.5 at 20 mm offset without the spacers.

235/85 is a stock size and you have lots of room.

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Discovery steel wheels are made to have the same offset as the alloys.  They are the only LR made steel wheel with 7” rims (Wolf rims with the circular holes are 6.5, standard Defender wheels are 5.5”).

There is a fascination with oversize tyres.  For the vast majority of uses, including farm work, they are going to do more harm than good for performance and handling.  235/85 were the standard size after much testing of prototypes in the early eighties and then another three and a half decades of extensive service around the world.  Military forces, emergency services and the Camel Trophy vehicles all used 7.50 tyres, roughly the same diameter but slightly thinner as they deal better with mud.  Only vehicles used extensively on sand tended to differ.

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Thanks for the input after some calculations and you guys advice Im going to get some 7x16 steels from raptor 4x4 with 0 offset and i should only sit 9mm in without spacers

Turns out my boost alloys are 16x8 aswell.

cheers Ben

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3 hours ago, Ben jessup said:

I have had a look and Cant find D1 steel wheels with +33mm offset.

Any idea why?


??  That is what they all have.  7" rims made for RRC and Disco 1 all have that offset. Stock Defender wheels have a 20.6 mm offset.

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4 hours ago, Nonimouse said:

+33 is an 'inset'

-33 would be an 'outset'

-30 is common

What you need are 0 or -8.  They will then fit under the flairs, allow plenty of lock and look pleasing

To avoid confusion.  All stock Land Rover wheels have positive offset.  The wheel/tyre centerline is closer to the vehicle than the wheel mounting surface.





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