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Winch off...? Back on or what...?


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Exactly what it says....

I know there was much talk about this and unfortunately it failed to happen...

So, lets see if we can't get this rolling.

I am looking for many things.

I would love to know line speeds on and off load ?

Drum capacities and sizes ?

Freespool functions or not ?

Can you drive assist or is it not required ?

Pulling power of course :)

Size, wieght, compatability to vehicle use et, etc.....

However, i would also like to test the user friendlyness of the units, which are quicker to deploy etc....

I hope that some are willing to help with this, as it would be very intresting for all of us.

I do not wish to enter into a "Mine is bigger than yours" contest, i would just like to see those that talk a good winch, come and put it to the test :)

All are welcome :) as we would need a good cross section of vehicles and units for this 'test'to be of any use.

Standard units in particular, as it's all very well having massively modified units, but first we require a bench mark.

I was looking to do something Febuary time, in Kent 10 minutes from Junction 4 of the M25.

I hope that all look upon this favorably, and that we all can gain some insight and further knowledge about winches and winching.

Jim :)

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Mine IS bigger than yours tho :lol:

I would be up for this, have at least a temp fix for the EFI Misfire (Big Kin Weber 500) so thats ok.

Kent not so good, but possible dependant on date, and feb is not that far away....

Maybe those going can meet up, and convoy down and back, and if so can anyone carry some fuel for me please :D

Whats the format of the day / have you a load cell, and PLEASE say no wire rope ?

My input will have to be limited to front winch only as rear MM still not refitted :angry:

I have a huge number of shackles (8t Tested) and HD strops happy to have used, but without being H&S here I think we need to bear in mind the forces of winding up big winches ?

What thoughts have you for format ?

Tentative "ok" pending date etc


Icckle silly oily PTO thingy winch :rolleyes:

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Cheers Nige - now I'm torn between getting work in on the 109 and coming along to spectate. Jez has just started heavy grinder surgery on Petal, I don't know if she'll be back together in time for this but if she is I may well be acting as transport to the event as I think Jez will be keen to take part if he can.

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Don't panic Fridge.....

We'll move the 'winch off' to help you and Jez :)

We would not want any excuses Sorry, reasons you can't make it getting in the way.

Now how many people do you know that would do that for you...? :lol:

Just name your dates.......


Jim :)

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Yeah, I reckon that sounds like a giggle...

Be nice to see how the Huskey (sloooooooow) compares. It has wire rope on it.

Am I being too contoversial here or is banning wire rope a bit OTT? I know in the wrong hands it can be lethel. But providing the correct precautions are taken, i.e. weighted (comp spec?) winch blankets, rated shackles, and a wide safety zone... :unsure:

Just seems a bit unfare to discriminate against us that are scint!

Dan :)

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Jim - you're very kind but I can't name an end-date for the build other than ASAFP :D since I'm off to Russia as tech support the priority is getting it together and making sure it's reliable, I don't need the winch on it for Russia so I may end up leaving it off in preference for spending time and money on other bits of the vehicle. I'm sure by the summer you'll have another mod to test so we can do this all again - or perhaps Moglite will be able to name a date for the winch-off he was planning (hint hint Andy ;) ) I may be able to muster a 110 with a PTO H14 anyway, not as classy as a 109 but should give some idea.

I think banning wire rope is a bit much for most tests (EG winching a vehicle up a slope, re-spool, etc.) but I would stop short of letting people with wire do a "maximum pull" test.

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Jez's diary,

Petal in bits right now

March - Lithuania Baltic Cup

April - Latvia, Baltic Cup

June - Russia, Ladoga

August - Estonia, Baltic Cup

September - Russia, Baltic cup

October - Finland, Warn Trophy

October - Russia, Bezdna

October - Russia, Korla Raid

Petal gets freighted to Finland as soon as its finished and gained its MOT, new car gets built as funds allow.

I can happily quote the figures for a hydro setup as its a logic function and not speculation and the components are industrial and therefore come with performance figures. Was ready last time but you had (rightfully) much more important things on your mind, think you can appreciate that this lot (to me) is much more important than a contest in the UK but I will watch the numbers with great interest.

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Thats a thought..?

Is Andy (Moglite) about also...?

Would really be grateful to hear his input...?

Gutted to hear that Jez can't make it, but i'm sure that other type 'R' users would try to make it.

Please keep your suggestions coming, we are working hard in the back ground to get this sorted. So please feel free to make comments, no matter how trival they might seem.

Jim :)

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Is Andy (Moglite) about also...?

Would really be grateful to hear his input...?

I'm around - dunno if I'll be up for any winch-off. My H14 PTO still needs machining and shafts making.

As its outside under a tarp at the moment - its not near the top of any priority list.

Depending on timing, I might be able to help/referee/scrutineer.

As you are making this product, so the harbingers of doom can't bring it up. Supply a vehicle, and step away, let someone else do the testing - they'll only call rigged/fixed regardless of any results.

I applaude you for making something, bringing it to production and market, also being willing to put it to a test and gather as many numbers as possible.

Why there is so much p155ing in the wind makes me upset.

Buy Scorpion - you are wrong

Build your own - and people that can't whine

Bring something new to market - people whine

TBH thats the attitude I'm seeing more and more of. Which is why I'm not posting here much, and I'm not in the garage building :(

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Please keep your suggestions coming, we are working hard in the back ground to get this sorted. So please feel free to make comments, no matter how trival they might seem.

Another suggestion would be to see if you can get the mags interested - I realise that it's a bit too factual and real-life for most of them to actually get their hands dirty testing something but you never know - they might be able to stump up some extra winches to test or even persuade the likes of Mr Bowyer to attend.

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Andys got a good point - if he's free he would get my vote as an impartial ref/loud shouting ginger person

a duration test under load would be the area Im particularly interested in (and before you all start kicking off - for my applications!) how this would be rigged has got to be ground dependant I would have thought - a known load (same for all units under test) repeatedly dragged up a common hill with no respite, with hydros the limit would be thermal gain in the fluid and leccies is going to be voltage drop, 200metres with motors dead engined during payout? I guess the other factors would be tank size for hydro and battery capacity for leccies. a recovery time based on the time period required to return all things to normal would be good (oil temp to fall and batteries to recover charge) PTOs are gonna romp that test (DAAN ;) )


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