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What year was Keswick green introduced?! PHOTOS!

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Hello all

I have recently bought a TD5 defender 90 and it is Keswick Green in colour. Having done a bit of research it seems that the TD5 was unusual to be finished in Keswick green and it seems as though this colour was launched with the Puma engine in 2007. My car was first registered in January 2007 so I imagine just the cut off before the engine changed?

Does anyone know what month the TD5 ceased production and also when Keswick green was introduced to the defender?


Thanks in advance!



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I think black wheels and roof came a fair bit later, so I’d guess yours may have been resprayed those colours, rather than being built in them.  Look behind interior trim panels or carpet for a different colour.  Keswick is very smart, though, maybe one of the best suited colours to the body shape.  A white roof would look great - traditional and far more practical in keeping the car cooler in summer.

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Hi Snagger - thanks for your reply that's interesting. The roof is actually wrapped black and the wheels have been sprayed.

Just had a look and on the VIN plate the colour is 799 (Keswick Green) 

Love the colour juts trying to work out the history as a few have commented its an unusual car! Did Keswick Green come later?


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1 minute ago, Koen110 said:

Looking at the external state of the vehicle my guess is that everything has been resprayed, including roof, wheel arches, front grill and headlamp panels.

Agreed! That looks in amazing condition

@docm if you want to send me the VIN number via PM (don't put it up here in an open forum) I can run it through Microcat and tell you the original build colour?

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I can confirm it was Keswick green from new, with a white roof built in Solihull on 3 November 2006


Other features to note;

Originally a hard top (Van) - you can tell this by the fixed non standard rear windows

It had a Grey vinyl interior with a centre seat instead of a cubby box


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A colleague here has a 110 in Keswick with a white roof.  He put it on matching white Wolf rims (he brought them back to Dubai one by one in his luggage on work trips).  It looks absolutely stunning.  Yours looks very tidy, especially for the age, so a desperate is likely, but nice that it’s the original colour.

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Thanks @Snagger that is commitment bringing a wheel back each time! 😂 

I guess what I'm after is what month did the TD5 production stop, was it December 2006? 

Is there any way on knowing the production number from the vehicle info?

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