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Swing away carrier on ‘ribbed’ tailgate.

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Hi folks,

Im about to convert to a side opening tailgate on my soft top 90 so that I can fit a swing away wheel carrier.

The tailgate is not the flat/flush type, but the early type with the rib down the center.

Will that limit what type of carrier I can fit? Seems many of them have a plate that fits to the door outside... 

cheers...... Alan


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Thanks Arjan... Google doesn’t throw up much on a Pivlock model. Is that the one Paddocks sell as their ‘own’ brand one by any chance? Also do you know if there is any wheel size limitation, I have 255/85/16 on alloys...

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Had a side-hinged tailgate (with centre rib) & swingaway carrier on my 90 for 20-years now, WH type. Have attached a couple of photos, chassis change is currently underway (almost complete now but that's another story) but was the clearest photo showing the carrier with no spare wheel fitted. The other photo with the spare attached was taken a couple of weeks before.

Had a Pivlock on my S111 SWB V8 30-years ago, very good piece of kit (within the limitations of not being able to open the door from the inside of course) and it carried my very heavy  9.00x16 on steel rim without any problems.




DSCF0005 - Copy_LI.jpg


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2 hours ago, Anderzander said:

Beautiful 90.

I think this is a Pivlock copy ... 


Yes, that's the one.

Main thing is to make sure the rubber buffer is pressing hard against the door / tailgate otherwise rapid wear can form in the locking mechanism at the bottom pivot (ask me how I know!). Other than that (and the fact that they prevent you opening the rear door from the inside) they are an excellent piece of kit which will give years of reliable service. The advantage is that they can be used with drop-down tailgates as well as side-hinged and don't have a bar stretching across to the N/S tailgate catch as some others do. Also it has a positive lock in the open position, very handy if parked on a hill.

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Yes - that is a copy.

Pivlock (made in UK by a very weird family run company called "Bullivant Engineering") works well.

Almost any size can be fitter as long at you have the LR rim.

They do wear out the lock mechanism- creating play.


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