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T Seals

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T seals 4 vinnie 0 , cant believe ive trashed 4 t seals daft little things like this put me right back now having to wait to get more , the last time i had to fit any i had no bother only difference was they were cork ones and these ones today were like hard rubber , im almost tempted to use silicon as ive seen some people say its fine and works a treat , but ill wait as ive fashioned some guides out of some angle i have and ill see if i can get the cork type and hopefully get them in 


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I used to use steel from drinks cans to assist the seals, but I couldn't find anything. Aluminium doesn't work, too soft.

So I made the blocks. They worked okay, quite a bit sticking up at the end.

I'll know in a couple of years if it worked....






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Damn good question. It's the bottom of the flywheel housing. Along the join.

I plan on putting a decent sealant along the join as well as the t seal.

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I'm cracking up now lads I've managed to get the cap back on after damaging 4 more which were snapping as I got so far down, in the pic you will see there was quite a bit of the seals sticking up but I think I'm just going to go with it , I did try to blow air through the seals with a compressor and can't feel anything blowing through but I do realise that's not an ideal test lol



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