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Discovery 2 genuine spot light switch pin setup


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Hi all.  Hope everyone is well. 
im hoping someone can help. So I have a discovery 2 spot lamp switch which fits in place of the blank spot up where the fog light switches go.  
I already have set up a aux fuse box one with a permanent live side and a side that only becomes live when ignition on.  
what I want to do is have the front spot lamps On a permanent live so I can turn them on at the spot lamp switch when I need them with out the ignition on. 
is this possible and how. Also does anyone know the pin set up on the back of the switches.  There are 5 pins. 

it’s purely for usability when working and would rather be able to turn them on and not leave the key in the ignition when working  

ideally I want to be able to use the genuine switch as I prefer a normal genuine Land Rover look. Not aftermarket   

many thanks. 

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The D2 spotlight switch is a non-latching (momentary) earth-switching switch, intended to switch the D2's spotlight electronic control unit.

As such, it's wired as follows -

Pin 1 - from ECU

Pin 2 - from dash illumination 

Pin 3 - not used

Pin 4 - to earth

Pin 5 - live from spotlights (to illuminate the switch's tell-tale LED)


To achieve what you want, you will need to use a latching live-switching switch, such as the Defender Puma heated seat switch, and swap the switch front for the D2 spotlight switch front. 


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