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Free, Land Rover Series overdrive experiment

citizen kane

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I'm a fiddler. I made this ages ago, I was always a little concerned about how hot the overdrives run so I thought I would replace the tin cover with an extended alloy cover to help get rid of some of the heat. The intention was to measure the temperatures to see if it made a difference then machine in fins as a final operation. Never got around to any of that, just put it on and ran with it. The plate sounded a little tinny so I added a mass damper, just an isolastic mount with a lump of steel. Then I brought a Romerdrive. Don't know if it did any good but it can't hurt.

Free to collect from Fleet in Hampshire. If you want me to send it to you it will be probably be about £5 P&P and £5 to bribe one of the kids to take it to the post office.


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