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Lucas 162SA starter wiring question

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I need some help regarding how my starter is wired. Starter is a Lucas 162SA on a 1988 Ninety converted to 300tdi. I was chasing some wires in order to connect a glow plug timer relay harness (finally delivered after order in February) and realised that my starter has the glow plug wire connection disconnected and what seem to be where the white wire should be too. From what I could find, these should be the numbered connections:

1: White

2: Brown/red

3: White/black

4: White/red

5: Brown

I have connection 2  (glow plug - all this time they were disconnected) and 1 disconnected. On 3 I have a solid white wire. Can someone explain how my starter is connected? Truck used to run ok, but have not strated in some time due to ongoing refub. Thanks



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Thanks Steve. I am currently trying to install the glow plug timer and was aware i need to disconnect the brown/red wire. My main concern is the missing white cable on terminal 1, and a white cable (instead of white/black) on terminal 3. Any idea on this?

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I underatand the thick brown/red wire need to be disconnected for a glow plug relay setup. That is clear to me. My main questions is the confusion regarding the thick white and white/black wire on connections 3 and 1. Should I leave as currently is or are there any potential issues I am not seeing? Truck used to run fine with this setup. Apologies if i was not clear in the previous posts.

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If the white and white/black are swapped as you describe it is not a problem - they are both ignition live supply - assuming you can find that white/black.

Of course you could put the wires on the terminals as per wiring diagram , then any future troubleshooting will be based on standard wiring diagrams



Steve b 

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