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MS2 compatible IAT sensor M10 X1.25


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Hi all,


Does  anyone know of an M10 x 1.25 IAT sensor compatible with MS2.

I’ve got one supplied by Nigel which is M 14 I think. I’m after one that won’t require me to calibrate the new one with buckets of ice and such like.

I’d also like it to have the same connector......



Thanks in advance...


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Thanks Fridge,

I’ve taken the plunge and got one of these


Lucas SNB801 used in everything from a metro to a 5.3 V12 Jaguar.

Being Lucas it will be the pinnacle of Automotive electrical Wizardry!!!!

But it’s M10 x 1.25. I’ll update with the results.


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Lucas IAT arrived today.


I went through the instructions for Tunerstudio and got myself a bag of ice, kettle and a meat probe ( thermometer).

I took some readings from the Lucas IAT with the intention of sticking the Resistance vs Temp values into the calibration table.


Before doing this though I ran the same tests with the current Unit supplied in Nigel’s Xcess 4x4 kits.



RED LINE Standard Megasquirt IAT.

I was expecting a linear graph. `excuse the secondary school diagram.

If I was to draw a ‘line of best fit‘ (asked the A level Son for its technical name)

Should this be the readings I stick into Tunerstudio ???

If I draw a linear best fit line then I can leave the current settings as is because the current sensor is all over  the place and would be pretty similar plot

So I think it’s close enough.. It was 20 deg Celsius ambient today. Measured via the thermometer. Both the Lucas IAT And the Nige supplied IAT registered 20 deg Celsius in Tunerstudio.

So I think it’s a pretty good match. Unless I’m simplifying things and Megasquirt is a bit more sensitive or precise than I’m assuming.

Any thoughts welcome !!!!.







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I suspect the graph shape is as much down to DIY measurement inaccuracies as anything - IAT sensors are not sealed so dipping it in water or getting it steamed up are going to conduct electricity and skew your readings. Coolant temp sensors are closed-end for this reason.

Here's the basics on sensor values:


The graph should typically be a curve, which yours is if you squint hard enough... I might even suggest you've lucked out and found a sensor with the same curve, given that the default is a very popular type.

You enter the values in TS here (after unlocking) although it looks like you may not need to.


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