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Washer bottle cap


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Has anyone ever managed to replace the yellow washer bottle top with something else that fits , mine has split , how can they be £10+ , ridiculous , I've hunted through the recycling and tried countless different bottle  tops but they are either too large or too small ,I don't mind spending decent money on parts but £10 for a 50p size of yellow plastic is ridiculous , any sensible suggestions would be appreciated , thanks .

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Did mine recently, mine had crumbled but the bottle's OK.  I had an old homebrew beer kit. This had a conical rubber-bung stopper with a tube already in it for fermentation bubble-valve gases. Sorry can't point you to another. I 've had it for an age. A lump of soft silicon, i wouildn't call this a bodge. it's better that the 'proper' item. eBay is your friend. Look under brewing instead of 'Car parts' - you might get lucky.


Pix: Here you go, this is not 'it' but not unlike it.


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