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Tyre Age


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My 110 has been laid up for a couple of years now. Just haven’t had the time to dedicate to keeping it going now that I have kids. 

However, my eldest is now starting to show an interest in it (at 2.5 years old 😁) and I have a bit more time to think about getting it back on the road. 

whilst going over it I realised that the tyres are 14 years old, so I’ll be changing them before putting it back into service, but it got me thinking about how long do people leave their tyres before changing them? 

I bought them (pro comp x-terrains) in 2008, but didn’t get the 110 on the road until 2013, then I’ve only done 9000 miles on them before I laid it up 2 years ago after it failed the MoT on relatively trivial (easily fixed) issues (Flexible brake pipes, leaking rear axle, worn suspension bushings), that I just didn’t have the time to fix at the time. 

The 110 will be going back on the road later this year when I have fixed the MoT fails and done a couple of mods which I’ll be posting about when I do them.


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This came out last year

https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-to-consult-on-ban-on-10-year-old-tyres-to-boost-road-safety#:~:text=Emerging evidence and leading expert,our roads safer for everyone.&text=The collision was caused by,front axle of the coach.

We managed the tyres on the Mountain Rescue Vehicles, as we didn't used to do enough miles to wear them down, we never let anything go over 10 years. 

I was running a brand new (old stock) set of BFG all terrains which where 10year + (they had been stored in dark dry conditions, I was pretty wary at first but I did a pretty details inspection of them prior to use and I kept a close eye on them for any cracking etc and they worked fine for 2 years, then they started to show some small perish cracking so I retired them, having done a good 25k miles on them.

If you have any doubt at all change them, as an " in service" failure can lead to nasty accidents. 

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On 6/29/2020 at 11:20 AM, Maverik said:

Yeah, I knew they were doing a consultation on it. 

it was that and my mate having an in service failure on a trailer tyre that made me actually think about checking. I didn’t even realise mine were as old as they are. 

my mates trailer tyres were 20+ years old. All of them had very bad cracks in them. 

there must be loads of people with low mileage vehicles or trailers that haven’t even thought about it. 

mine look new. No cracks, very little wear, I certainly wouldn’t have thought to change them if it wasn’t for the 10 year guidance. 

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