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Series 3 heater cylinder head port (at the back of the head)

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What's the part numbers for the heater pipe port spigot that goes in this? 

It's a fine Imperial thread.

I can't see any heater stuff in the standard parts book.



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Are you sure it's an Imperial thread?
The blanking plug ERC9448 (from engine numbers 361236728, 36407286) is shown for the S3 and the Defender, which suggests to me it's Metric.
The earlier blanking plug is 536577 and thus may be Imperial, this seems to be widely recognised as still valid for other purposes, such as a sump plug, so you should be able to 'prove' the thread if you don't have thread gauges..
Considering the similar heater spigot in the S2A 2.25 diesel was M17x1 I'd suggest it might be the same.

550827 is the number of the spigot shown in the supplement for the US spec machines (Heating & Ventilation section).
The snag is I cannot find that part number accepted anywhere in the UK.

However, following the 'US' lead, Rovers North show the 'Item Code' as 624091, and that number is recognised, and appropriately described, by UK based parts suppliers.
The thread is not specified, I suggest it could well be metric, and therefore you need to be very certain that your engine has an Imperial thread, because if so this spigot may not fit.


Found the part shown twice in the S2A & S3 Options catalogue RTC9842CE.

624091 is shown as a BSP thread.
ERC9453 is shown as a Metric thread. Sit down before you price this item, PA Blanchards seems like a good price.
Both use washer 213960.


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A correction to my earlier post.

Overnight I recalled that I had some private information on my PC, from earler conversations on the Forum of the Series 2 Club.
This morning I checked my files, to find I have recorded ERC9453 as M16x1, not as stated earlier, which I drew from memory.

The same folder recorded the information given in that conversation (but never validated by me) that LPG converters sell, for a couple of pounds, these spigots in both straight and 45 degreee configurations. I do not have a supply source.

ERC 9453 as pictured by Blanchards, Craddocks, and John Richards.


This image is dated Dec 2017 on my PC.

Edited by David Sparkes
Add image of LPG connection spigot.
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David, thank you very much! That part you picture does look correct, much finer thread than the the I have in stock.

I'll put a thread gauge on it tonight.


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26 minutes ago, western said:

That's the coarser thread version, presumably for alloy castings. Also on the various metric alloy thermostat housing sandwich blocks (2495 petrol, number 11 below):


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